More Video Favorites

Since posting the Water Buffalo Song a few days ago, our children have been after me to post a few more of their favorite video clips. Their very favorite is The Hairbrush Song from Veggie Tales.

They also really like Love My Lips which is also from Veggie Tales.

The Water Buffalo Song

A few days ago I posted this inspirational video involving the gift of a water buffalo. Not at all meaning to diminish the important message of that video, I now wish to share another buffalo video. Our children love this video from Veggie Tales.

It’s Everywhere

No Words Needed

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this short video speaks for itself. THIS is truly “must see TV.”

4 Generations - Water Buffalo

Teaching and Learning up in the Air

Traveling with a Lawn Chair and BalloonsHere is a cool story (Read about it here and here) that could be integrated into the curriculum in so many different ways. I’ll give a few examples to start the conversation, and then you can add your ideas in the comments section.

  • There is so much math and science involved with this endeavor (weight, altitude, speed, distance, global positioning, ballasting, weather, wind currents, and much more) that it could easily be integrated into data collection and presentation, measurement, etc. activities.
  • There is the potential to make connections to geography, maps, latitude and longitude, etc. in social studies and geography.
  • This story (or video of this story) could be used to kick-off a creative writing/ podcasting/ video/ journaling/ presentation exercise in reading, writing, speech or mass communications classes.

I’m sure you have other thoughts about using this in teaching and learning, or perhaps you’d like to expound on something already mentioned. Either way, please add your thoughts and feedback by clicking on the Comments link below.

What a Lucky Day!?!?

Did you realize that today’s date is 7/7/07? I saw in the news that today was an enormously popular wedding day and that many people were trying their luck at gambling today. There are some really cool ways to tie this into the curriculum, but I’m guessing that very few were in school today because it is a Saturday and it’s July. 🙂

Wimbledon Update

Wow! Today was packed full of incredible tennis matches at Wimbledon. Thank goodness, too, because the weather has dampened most of this year’s championships (pun intended). Nadal, Federer, and Venus Williams all played excellent tennis and easily won their matches just as I’d expected. However, the really interesting storylines came from the following matches.

Djokovic def. Baghdatis 7-5 in the fifth set
Baghdatis became one of my favorite tennis players with his 2006 breakout season. Djokovic has had an impressive 2007 breakout season and I’ve been pulling for him in recent tournaments. This was a tough call, but I was pulling for Baghdatis. They played high quality tennis for over 4.5 hours and showcased their tennis talents and sportsmanship. Their behavior today is an example to athletes everywhere.

Gasquet def. Roddick 8-6 in the fifth set
Woohoo! Go home Roddick!!! Gasquet demonstrated his undying belief in himself and exploited Roddick’s lack of self-confidence. Roddick looked to be only minutes from winning this match and then he once again demonstrated that he’s never going to live up to the hype.

Bartoli def. Henin 1-6, 7-5, 6-1
Everyone had expected to see Henin vs. Venus Williams in tomorrow’s Ladies Finals. Henin seemed to have this match won and then, with nothing to lose, Bartoli began letting her strokes fly…and they fell in.

The Word Is Getting Out