Mobile Devices in the Classroom (Thinking Out Loud #4)

Episode 004

Creating an AudioBoo: A Quick Demonstration

As I’ve previously mentioned AudioBoo is a service that makes podcasting and audio blogging a snap. Here’s my quick demonstration.

Your “boo” (That’s what they call your audio file) will be uploaded to your AudioBoo profile. You can take a look at my profile page to get an idea of what this will be like.

Now you can listen to the “boo” that you just watched me make.


Advice for Future Teachers Graduating This Month

Episode 002

Please watch this 20 second video post and consider sharing your wisdom. NOTE: Click on the small video stills under the viewer to watch the video replies from others.

Please share your text/audio/video reply in the Comments section of this post or respond to the corresponding Seesmic conversation (Think video-based Twitter).

Resources from Podstock, Day 1



Getting a Global Perspective: The Power of Collaborative Projects
– Dyane Smokorowski’s presentation resources


Math Snacks: A Nibble of Conceptual Math – Michelle Flaming and Renee Smith’s podcast and resources


Publish Audio at Will and Geo-Story Chasing – Wesley Fryer


Curricularizing to the Podcast World – Diana Wieland

  • Sound-seeing tours
  • Broadcast student audio plays
  • Interviews with content experts
  • Student produced “radio” talk shows about content
  • Also see these podcasts: KidCast, Coulee Kids, and Our City


The Cosmosphere in the Palm of Your Hand- How we fumbled our way to fame(?) – Howie G (a.k.a. Harold George and Joel Walker)


Get Out of Your FUNK, Cut the JIVE! Make Your Classroom Come Alive!!! – Kim Herron, Tamara Padfield, Linley Voboril

Dean Mantz’s is hosting live blogging throughout the day. Please join the live discussion or visit the archive afterwards.

Happy Blogiversary

This blog turned 2 years old on February 4. I actually set it up while we watched the 2007 Super Bowl. Here’s a look back at some of the blog’s events, changes and friends that made this 2nd year really special.

Technology Integration Showcase

There was a lot of interest in this particular session during the 2008 AECT Convention so we’ve made the recorded Ustream and presenter resources available.

Technology Integration Showcase: Strategies and Tools Worthy of Discussion
2008 AECT Convention
Orlando, FL

This session allows participants to see various technology integration strategies and tools. Participants will also discuss their effectiveness and implications related to their use.


  • Kathryn Land – Georgia State University
  • Lloyd Rieber – University of Georgia
  • Clif Mims – University of Memphis
  • Tonya Amankwatia – DeSales University
  • Presentation Resources
    The presenters are compiling their handouts, PowerPoint files, notes, etc. here.

    Watch the Presentation

    Live TV : Ustream