Playdough Land Formations

Talking Ed. with My Son

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Our oldest son’s class used Playdough to model the land formations about which they have been learning. He loved this hands-on project! Here’s a quick tour of the geographic landscape that he created (via iPhone video).


Educational Connections
Here are some quick thoughts regarding this activity.

  • Our son said everyone in the class really had fun with this project.
  • This is an inexpensive way to encourage kinesthetic learning.
  • An activity like this could potentially move beyond knowledge and comprehension and into some of the higher-order thinking skills such as application.
  • I’m predicting that the students are more likely to retain this information as a result of the hands-on application.
  • You don’t always have to teach with technology. As I always say, “It’s not about the technology. It’s about the learning.”


Landforms Image:

Don’t Take My Playdough


The following story comes from my friend’s blog. It was told to him by his sister-in-law.

The funniest story happened yesterday at church. Our minister [Mike] was preaching…All of a sudden the side door of the auditorium burst open. A little three year old is running and yelling, “No, no, they are after me.”

Mike [the preacher] stops and asks, “Ryan, who is after you?”

“They are after my playdough.”

Mike laughs and yells – “Run, Ryan, Run, here they come. Don’t let them get your playdough. Run to that door over there, that side.”

The little boy takes off squealing, gripping tight to his playdough. The whole congregation breaks out in laughter and applause as Ryan breaks through the side door with his playdough and the embarrassed teacher enters looking for his lost pupil. It was priceless. Ryan was screeching as he broke through the door to freedom.

I wish I had been there! 🙂