Why You Participate in PLNs

Thanks for the responses to yesterday’s request for feedback. Here’s is a compilation of the responses to this point. I’ll be sharing more about this during my keynote address at Podstock on Saturday.

Why do educators participate in PLNs?

Here are the replies from my Plurk buddies.

Why do educators participate in PLNs?

These are the responses from my Twitter friends.

Why do educators participate in PLNs?

Why do educators participate in PLNs?

Why do educators particpate in PLNs?

Why do educators participate in PLNs?

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5 thoughts on “Why You Participate in PLNs”

  1. I participate in PLN’s because it gives me access to a wealth of information. It also is a way of filtering ideas. As an educator the focus is on 21st learning skills. I feel that PLN’s and social learning communities are the key to success. Since schools are strapped for cash there are numerous free alternatives available online. Students are able to interact be engage and learn through these PLN’s. The PLN is what you make of it (as you stated in your video.)

  2. Hi, I am a teacher in Bhutan – a small Himalayan country in south Asia. English is the medium of instruction in the schools here. We need a lot of ideas and help from expereinced and innovative teachers like you all here. Looking forward to your help!

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