1 Thing Teachers Should Know about Teaching with Technology

Mike Fisher

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3 thoughts on “1 Thing Teachers Should Know about Teaching with Technology”

  1. Hi Drew,

    I responded to this on my own blog, but to summarize, I wrote that Tech PD needs to be specific to the user, with much time to practice and with the understanding that expert level is not required to implement something new. There is much to be gained from trying things out with kids and being open to being a learner AND a teacher. The single best strategy is probably time, and just making the teacher feel as supported as possible during their own learning.

    More at my blog at http://digigogy.blogspot.com



  2. Mike-
    Great info. Thanks for sharing. In your PD what strategies have you found most effective at getting teachers to embrace this “fearless curiosity” and try to integrate technology without being an expert?

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