1 Thing Teachers Should Know about Teaching with Technology

Jethro Jones

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Being a humble teacher, I often have car troubles because I don’t drive a very nice car. In fact, I am pretty lucky that the car still runs. I needed to put in a new battery a couple weeks ago, and instead of grabbing a hammer and pounding on it until the cables came off, I dug around the toolbox until I found a socket wrench.

For educators, technology is a big toolbox with tools that range from a pencil and paper to a wiki to a Skype video call. Tools are still tools. If a tool doesn’t work for the job, you can’t force it. As teachers, we must use the tools that work for our situation. Don’t try to force technology on the students if it is not improving their learning! They need to learn. Our tools should help them learn.

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  1. Good point! I often see teachers who are so focused on the use of technology that they forget what it is supposed to be used for. Technology for the sake of technology misses the point.

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