Breaking News: Baseball’s Congressional Hearing

Straight from the news ticker at the bottom of the ESPN channel.

Newsday (New York) reports Yankees P Andy Pettitte’s deposition supports Brian McNamee’s claim that he gave Roger Clemens injections of banned drugs, according to Rep. To Davis, a ranking member of the congressional committee investigating the use of illegal drugs in baseball; ESPN’s T.J. Quinn reports Tom Davis says he was misquoted and misunderstood and did not characterize Pettitte’s statement at all.2

Associated Press reports Jose Canseco says in a sworn affidavit that he never saw Roger Clemens “use, possess or ask for steroids or human growth hormone”; Canseco’s affidavit is part of a congressional investigation into illegal drug use in baseball.

Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee expected to testify Wednesday [tomorrow] at congressional hearing on performance-enhancing drugs in baseball.

I’m already sick of this story! I’m certainly against the use of performance enhancing drugs, but I’m not sure that anything positive is going to be accomplished by tomorrow’s congressional hearing. This whole mess currently has the potential of wrecking the lives and reputations of a few high-profiled individuals. Realistically, it’s likely that there are many other athletes that were using but they are not facing the same level of scrutiny. I’m not advocating that wrong doers get away with doing wrong, but I do think consistency is important. I think it’s only fair to punish everyone or no one.

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  1. The importance of this issue is minimal compared to the issues that need the attention of Congress. I think it’s embarassing.

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