Call for Chapters

Dr. Soonhwa Seok shared the following information with me during the 2008 AECT Convention. I thought some of you might also be interested in contributing to this text.

Handbook of Research on Human Cognition and Assistive Technology: Design, Accessibility and Transdisciplinary Perspectives

Proposals Submission Deadline: 11/25/2008
Full Articles Due: 2/10/2009

“The handbook will address the relationships among human cognition, assistive technology and its design, and the consumers of assistive technology. The book will also suggest ways to enhance the accessibility and adaptability of assistive technology by implementing human cognition into the design. The discussion of human cognition and assistive technology belongs within the discipline of cognitive psychology because human cognition will be implemented into the design of assistive technology. For example, human-computer interaction, user interfaces, and cognitive theories will be discussed. As included and defined in section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, the subject area of assistive technology falls under special education.” [more…]

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