Good Words

Despite Emily’s characterization of me as math, science, technology person (Ha ha ha!) I actually grew up preferring courses related to language arts. I tend to live in my head (for better and for worse) and I like imagination and self-expression. Like Emily, I really like words. I even have a habit of interrupting friends by declaring “Ooh, good word!” when they use a term that tickles my ears. It might be the use of a word I haven’t heard in a long while, a term that expresses an idea more perfectly than the term I was expecting to hear, or a word that actually conveys meaning through the way it actually sounds. Other times it’s simply the use of word in combination with the person that is saying it.

Here are a few words that I enjoy hearing.

  • svengali
  • zenith
  • umpteen
  • nimble
  • cantankerous
  • phalanges
  • immersion
  • onomatopoeia
  • requiem
  • morose
  • utopia
  • symbiosis
  • squishy
  • dad
  • What are some of your favorite words?