Day One… What a Bore

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Trevor Acy

So Thursday’s games were pathetic and my bracket is not looking too hot because of it. There were no appreciable upsets yesterday. Kansas St. over USC I guess was okay but that’s it. I picked Davidson over Gonzaga so I’m not really counting that one but I suppose it was an upset too.

Barely beat Belmont by one point in the last 12 seconds. Are you kidding me? Duke (the most perpetually over-rated team in America) is a #2 seed and it came down to that. Don’t get me wrong, I am not taking anything away from the way Belmont played. They would’ve given a lot of good teams a run for their money. I just don’t understand how Duke remains to be ranked when their regular season is such a wash. Maybe not in years past, but let’s be honest; this year the ACC was a shell of its former self. UNC is definitely one of the best teams in the nation, but other than that Clemson was the only other team besides those two to win 10 games. Maryland finished up .500 and all the other teams you think about from that conference were worse than that. Why do people like Coach K and the Devils so much?

Miss. Valley State:
Poor guys. What a roller coaster of emotions these players went through. Winning the conference, making it to the big dance, then being held to 29 points against UCLA. Now that would have been a great upset and I am not just saying that because I am from MS. I love watching #1 seeds go down early. It’s what makes March mad, but this year I just don’t see it happening. I even have all four #1 seeds going to the Final Four in one of my brackets. Call me crazy all you want, but this year I think it’s highly possible.

Well let’s see who shows up to play tonight. Will it be the 6-8 Charles Rhodes or the 6-1 version? As a senior I hope he comes out of the gate firing, but that all depends on if our linebacker of a guard (how many times can they say that in a game?) decides to try to work the ball inside or not. Prediction: If the bulldogs go to any considerable depth in the tournament, Varnado breaks the all-time blocks during NCAA tournament play history. Thoughts?
Seriously though, how often do you need to compare Gordon to the size of a football player or a freight train? Every time they say something like “Jamont Gordon is so big, his strength is his strength,” I want to kick a baby kitten (nothing against cats, it just infuriates me). Oregon has good three point shooting and that has been something we have struggled with the second half of the season (Vandy anyone?). So if we come out with man to man instead of zone and shut down their perimeter game I think we can win. I just want the chance to play Memphis. They are a great time and if we beat them Pitt would be a huge one to overcome too, but I just hope for Rhodes sake we can stay in for a little while. I’m going to miss that big guy.

The Rest of the Tourney:
I just want some upsets. Namely us over Memphis, but any will do. I think Vandy better watch out because if Foster doesn’t show up to play, they don’t win games. Not to keep harping on the ACC, but I don’t think Clemson is that great so they better not take Nova too lightly. South Alabama is a legitimate threat this year, to any team.

Here’s to Austin Peay and UMBC.

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