Did You Change the World Today?

Gadberry asks the important question, “Did you change the world today?” So many teachers go into the profession with the genuine intention to positively impact the world. Unfortunately, many of us allow lesson planning, grading, IEP meetings, curriculum standards, meetings, sports, tv, errands, etc. to fill the bulk of our schedules and crowd out any possibility of changing the world. You know exactly what I mean, so I won’t insult you by pontificating on the obvious.

I haven’t positively changed the world today, but I still have about 7.5 hours to work on it. I assure you I will.

Now it’s your turn. Did you change the world today? (Please share in your the Comments below.)

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4 thoughts on “Did You Change the World Today?”

  1. My students and I took time to write notes to one another today. We said things that built one another up and then shared them. It was fun, encouraging, and hopefully changed the world for at least one of them. It did for me. “Miss, you are so smart and when we seperate, me to grade 4 and you probably a writer, I will be sad for me and happy for you.”

  2. I hope that I have by mentoring this teacher who is trying for National Board Certification. I have read one of her entries and given her suggestions.

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