Diigo 101 Podcast

Maggie Tsai, Diigo’s chief ambassador, will be a guest on EdTechTalk this evening and will be taking questions about the latest version of their product. Maggie shared the following information about the event via email.

I’ve been invited to a podcast with a group of educators – since most people there are new to Diigo, I’d like to focus this session on Diigo 101 – the very basics of Diigo ~ how to set up / use diigolet, bookmarking, highlights and explore my “Bookmarks” section. If time permits, we will also touch upon the Groups. We will make it short and sweet.

Ideally, there will be more future sessions that go into intermediate, advanced and special topics of Diigo…

Diigo is a getting a lot of buzz right now and I strongly encourage all (present and future) educators and graduate students to consider participating in this event.

EdTechTalk’s Making Connections
Tue April 8, 2008
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM CST

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