Diigo Buys Furl

Looks like things are continuing to go well for Diigo. I’ve marked the most interesting bit in bold.

Social bookmarking and annotation service provider Diigo has acquired web page clipping and archiving service Furl from publicly listed search advertising network company LookSmart in exchange for equity. The deal is being pitched as a partnership but looks more like…Diigo jumping on a relevant opportunity without having to spend any cash….Diigo doesn’t refer to its service as social bookmarking but rather as a research and knowledge-sharing tool…You might as well say Diigo bought a rival as it is readying the launch of the upcoming Diigo 4.0 platform, which is said to be taking social bookmarking and annotation ‘to new heights’. (Source)

That’s right. Upgrade 4.0 is in the works and aims to raise the bar. I’m curious to see how many of the features that we’ve all requested/suggested and our feedback about the interface, etc. will be addressed in the new version.


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