Educators and PLNs (Feedback Requested)

Educators, why do your participate/not participate in a personal learning network (PLN)?

NOTE: I’d like to include responses in my Podstock keynote and blog post. You can share your text/audio/video reply in the Comments section of this post or respond to the corresponding Twitter and Plurk discussions.

Thanks for sharing! Together we all learn more.

UPDATE: I’ve compiled and shared your responses here.

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5 thoughts on “Educators and PLNs (Feedback Requested)”

  1. I have been participating in PLN’s my entire life, I just never put a name to it. PLNs in a traditional setting are group of people you learn from. However, I also use social media as a PLN and as a way of resource sharing and lesson planning (Pinterest, Facebook, and Blogs etc). PLNs can also be used for other areas:

    • Professional development;
    • Resources for my classroom (free websites);
    • New technology and how to integrate into my teaching;
    • Collaborative solutions; and
    • Links to education and common core news.

  2. At the school I teach at I’m a Technology Co-coordinator. I think it is part of my job to bring technology to our staff for use in their classrooms to enhance a student’s education and find a way for the students to connect with the curriculum through technology. My PLN has given me ideas, websites, and applications that I can use and introduce to the staff at my school and district. It makes an easier time to implement and introduce ideas to staff after being able to show examples of technologies that teachers in my PLN are using.

  3. I think a PLN is invaluable for so many reasons. For one thing, people in your PLN share resources that you may not have been aware of. I can say I have learned things from so many people since I started building my network and it has made my class a more dynamic engaging place to be. It also helps a great deal to see how other people use tools you already use. A PLN is like a spark that sets your brain on fire.

  4. My PLN keeps me current.

    As a professional that works with both teachers and students, I have a personal responsibility to orbit my zone of proximal development. I do that by inviting as many “planets” into my “solar system” as possible.

    They say it takes a village…not just one hut. The PLN preserves that village mentality by intricately weaving people and resources to help one do the best job they can for kids.

    Mike Fisher’s last blog post..TEACHMeet Contest Winner!

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