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Henry Horne

Since this is a first time post on here and many of you are probably counting down the minutes until Clif returns, I will try to keep this relatively short and sweet.

SEC Quarterfinal #4: Kentucky vs. Georgia
How Georgia won in spite of all its efforts to hand the game to Ole Miss is beyond me. If Kentucky’s freshman phenom, Partick Patterson, was not out for the season, I’d say Georgia would be supremely overmatched. Instead, I just think they are normally overmatched. Kentucky wins in a laugher, 77-68.

SEC Semifinal #1: Tennessee vs. Arkansas
Tennessee will be coming off a game where they got a good scare from USC. They have a dreadful history of underperforming in the SEC tournament(17 years since last making the semis), but I think that first game against the Gamecocks got them in the right frame of mind. Arkansas, although now IN on Joe Lunardi’s Bracketology board, really needs this win against TN to ensure a spot in the Big Boy Dance next week. I actually feel these teams are evenly matched for the most part despite the outcome of their meeting earlier this year. I see TN in another barn burner winning, 85-80.

SEC Semifinal #2: Mississippi State vs. UK/UGA
All depends on the matchup. Should KY win, it’ll be a good game(as was their regular season matchup this year and last year’s SEC tourney bout). If Georgia wins, then it’s an easy ride to the SEC Championship against Tennessee.

Of course, all of this might just mean absolutely nothing after they reschedule these games. As it stands, before this tournament is over, SOMEONE will have to play twice in one day, and that’s mayhem on any coach’s team and staff.

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Henry Horne is one of Clif’s former elementary students. He is now studying aerospace engineering at Mississippi State University and has interned with NASA. Henry will begin working for the military as a Level 1 Engineer after graduating suma cume laude this spring. Henry enjoys baseball, hockey, magic, and long walks on the beach. Look for more posts from Hank as he shares his take throughout the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.