Highlights from BarCamp Memphis

[NOTE: This post will be updated throught the event.]

Here are some of my notes and photos from BarCamp Memphis.

Google Wave: What It Is and What It’s for
By: Greg Dunn and Thom Rigsby

Designer vs. Developer
By: Steven Trotter, Joseph Yancey and Craig McCoy

PowerPoint Karaoke
This is an interesting activity. Here are the rules.

  1. No prior knowledge of slides
  2. Must pretend this is actually your deck
  3. 20 seconds each (4 mins)
  4. Look for the (stop symbol)
  5. Audience encouraged to to heckle
  6. Vote determines winner
  7. Have fun

Prosper during a Digital Age Recession
By: Ryan Hinricher

Show and Tell Tools
By: Everyone

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