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Many of this blog’s readers and I are mourning the death of Taylor Bradford.  He was an outgoing individual and a member of the football team. My thoughts and prayers are with all who loved Taylor.

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Clif Mims is a Christian, husband, father, teacher, cancer warrior, and fan of the Mississippi State Bulldogs and Memphis Grizzlies.

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  1. I agree with Joanne’s comments. It was very difficult to read the posts left yesterday on various message boards that accompanied the news articles. I became so frustrated at one point with people using the forum to spew hateful words, present their personal political opinions and so forth, that I posted a message asking for people to remember that a life had been lost. Taylor’s parents, family, and friends are grieving…as is the U of M community. We should be offering words of comfort at this time, and not words of hatred.

  2. When I received the news last night, my spirit was unsettled. I hardly slept. I only knew Taylor for a short period of time but because of his personable demeanor, this short time had lasting effects. Taylor was the epitome of a young man. He was highly respectable and his personality was unforgettable. Taylor was always smiling. As a matter of fact the last time I saw him, he was smiling. As we gathered around the fountain tonight to commemorate Taylor’s death, my heart smiled for him. I sympathesize greatly with his family, friends, and fraternity brothers because I know how it feels when death hits close to home. It takes time to recover. I just pray that they will see God’s favor beyond the grief. I also commend the University of Memphis for all of their efforts in assisting the student body.

  3. It was very difficult for me to read the comments that readers left on the news sites throughout the day regarding the coverage of this tragedy. Taylor was a son and friend to many and the focus should remain on the fact that the university lost a member of its student body and a family lost a son. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain that his family and close friends are going through. My thoughts and prayers are with them all.

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