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The Infinite Thinking Machine has put together another compilation of “amazing examples of how students are using a wide-range of innovative tools in the classroom.” Here’s a blurb from this episode’s show notes.

Dive into our Virtual Open House! We can talk all we want about “cool tools,” but it doesn’t mean much until we see how it impacts kids. So, this episode is all about students: what interests them, how they understand and generate knowledge, and the amazing things they can do when we give them the right tools and guidance. It’s time to let the kids show off!

I encourage you to visit ITM’s post related to this episode to view all of the associated resources. There are some really outstanding ideas there.

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Clif Mims is a Christian, husband, father, teacher, cancer warrior, and fan of the Mississippi State Bulldogs and Memphis Grizzlies.

7 thoughts on “ITM’s Show and Tell”

  1. I hope these examples become common place in the future. With all of the stimulants children have outside of the classroom, creating an environment that is exciting and educational seems to be the new challenge.

  2. I agree with everyone. These examples are pretty impressive. I hope that these kinds of student activities will become the norm in the future. I’d like for us all to work towards that goal and use this blog as a communications tool as we journey there.
    Thanks for the kind words. I look forward to having you as a new blog member. I welcome your participation.

  3. Clif,

    I just stumbled across your blog and I love it. I’m a teacher and a gigantic bulldog fan, too. So, your blog is crammed full of information that I’m interested in. I’ve added you to my Favorites and subscribed to your RSS feed. Please keep up the great work. This is really interesting and useful stuff.

    Go dogs.

  4. these are sweet. i’m an education major and hope to itnegrate technology into my classroom like this.

  5. This is the kind of stuff I’m striving to do in my classroom. These examples are inspiring.

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  7. This is chocked full of useful resources and examples. It’s refreshing to see students make such effective use of technology. I look forward to the day when this type of use is the norm.

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