It’s about Learning and Not about Technology

Here’s a bit of news from the 2009 Gulf Educational Supplies & Solutions (GESS) Exhibition in Dubai, UAE. Discussions have highlighted the availability of technology and high-speed Internet access in schools around the world, the technology-rich environments in which many students live, and the revolutionary ways in which students and teachers can interact.

David Fairbairn-Day, Head of Education Market Development at Promethean Limited, states, “The challenge therefore is to embrace the new technologies into the learning environment and to realize that it isn’t what you know – it’s knowing where to find the information you need that counts.” He goes on to ask, “Doesn’t it make more sense to learn to use technology in order to aid the teaching process…as opposed to what I have seen so often in some countries where they are too busy learning the technology simply in its own right. At all times, teachers should surely concentrate on the fundamental question of how technology can enhance learning.” David shares that “whenever I talk to teachers and ministry officials involved in the purchase of classroom technology, I always say to them: invest 70 per cent of your budget on the technology, but lay aside at least 30 per cent of your resources for training and teacher support” (Source).

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