Karl Fisch’s “Shift Happens” Presentation

“This is a stylization of a slideshow originally created by Karl Fisch, examining globalization and America’s future in the 21st century. It is designed to stand alone, without having to be presented in person. Enjoy!”

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  1. The facts displayed within this video totally blew me away. The reality that countries like China and India have more honors students than we have children makes me completly reevaluate our educational system.We must remain aware of the changes that are taking place throughout our world. Our children are not being adequetly prepared to serve as active participants and leaders in this new world that is forming right before our very eyes.

  2. I’ve clicked through this presentation at least five times. The information in it just astounds me. I’m my opinion, reality is that our world is a much different place than the average American imagines it to be. The centers of innovation, workforce and sheer manpower are no longer located in the US and it’s our responsibility as educators to equip our future geneations with the tools they need to excel. The sheer breadth of influence that the internet has had within my lifetime is staggering. I remember (vividly) the first time I sat down at a computer at school. I also remember the hesitance that my family had at purchasing our first desktop home computer. Did we really need this thing? The answer is a staggering yes. We’ve adopted technology in ways that I could have never imagined playing Orgeon Trail in elementary school. It’s necessary that educators teach their students how to learn in this evolving world.

  3. This is kind of amazing. I couldn’t believe some of those facts! I reposted this to my Facebook account so that my friends could see, too. The United States is still a relatively young country. Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to look to other successful countries for some pointers.

  4. This slide show is somewhat shocking. I do not feel that it is exaggerated as Mrs. Bling does, while I also feel the comparison is necessary. It put things in perspective for your frame of mind. China needs jobs, and our country is continually supplying them with an abundance of opportunities. As educators, as these jobs that do not yet exist become available. We have to make sure that our students are ready and in the frame of mind to take them on. Otherwise, they will be outsourced to China in the blink of an eye. We are responsible for preparing our youth to be tomorrow’s problem solvers. Therefore, we need to create an open environment conducive to creative thinking and problem solving with the aid of technology, instead of forcing the students to memorize and regurgitate information. This slide show should be taken seriously in its message, we already have an undesirable unemployment rate, but in China, business is booming.

  5. The slide show was interesting, to say the least. I must admit, there were several facts with supporting data presented here that I was completely unaware of.
    I had the chance to spend the summer 2004 in India. The country’s ocean view, and so many other things kept my attention. I didn’t really take advantage of one of the most useful resources there… INTELLIGENCE. I was surrounded by so many people with such high IQs. I was young & immature then, I had my eye on other things.
    The idea of linking technology advances to job availability never crossed my mind. Former Secretary of Education made a great point when he suggessted this idea with in- demand jobs.
    So much is taking place with the various advances in technology. The computer seems to be going above & beyond its call of duty. From chatlines & datelines, to social networking like my space & face book- it seems the computer may very well end up with a mind of its own.

  6. This slide show was very shocking and somewhat true, but a bit exaggerated. When comparing the United States, and many other western countries, with China is similar to comparing oil and water, they are different! I believe that without a doubt, the United States needs to catch up and we as educators are responsible for helping the next generation to be competitive. However, there is a better way to getting the message across about the state of our society other than comparison. In summary, the message has already been told and something is being done about it.

  7. This slide show demonstrates the need for integrating technology in the U.S. classrooms today. As educators, we need to obtain the tool training as quickly and intensely as we are able to do so. Our children’s global competition is already far ahead. Our children need it survive and succeed in the future.

    The U.S. has a very individual success outlook. We are witnessing that collaboration in problem solving and research are very successful. The education profession has the obligation to change that outlook by teaching our students to work in groups for the betterment of the team.

  8. This video helps us as educators re-think the way we should use technology in the classroom. As we are preparing lessons, we have to think in new ways since we are preparing students for a future that is not yet determined. Creativity, innovation, communication, collaboration, research, and critical thinking are just a few things that teachers need to focus on when intgrating technology into the classroom. The development of these types of skills will be invaluable to students in whatever area they pursue. Open ended learning environments that are inquiry and problem solving based will cultivate transferrable knowledge for students.

  9. I originally saw this as an email that was going around last year or early this year. The numbers and facts are amazing. The speed of technology adoption, especially in emerging nations has been amazing. For the longest time, industrialized countries worried about the disparity between the two. There was talk of computers that will be needed at an affordable cost for these new nations coming online. With the rapidity of change that is happening globally, everyone is going to be playing catch up with the latest technology. Any country or it’s population that fails to adopt emerging technologies and invest their resources in training everyone to understand the new technology, they will fall further and further behind. The U.S. is going to be playing catch up, if we don’t change how we educate our present generation of children. What Google accomplished compared to Microsoft is fractional. What Facebook is accomplishing compared to Google is fractional. The explosion of knowledge is mind-numbing.

    Mark Hamsley

  10. I am both shocked and amazed. We are further behind than I ever thought we were. I almost feel as if my children are going to have a chance at a productive career, they need to compete with the entire world.

  11. I find that the information presented in the slideshow — and the original video — to be interesting. Yet I don’t feel that the information — especially when juxtaposed in a galvanizing and inflammatory fashion that presumes logical and causal linkages between successive slides — is portrayed in a fair and objective manner. Yes, changes occur, but the overarching sense that I receive from this slideshow and the original video is that the emphasis is more about sensationalizing the change rather than tackling the issues at hand.

  12. I loved shift happens! I made my sister watch it and would love for all my students to watch it too. The first subject we tackle is why is art important. Getting the students to value learning art when the easy excuse of I can’t draw a straight line exists is quite challenging. Well if you can throw a football straight after practicing 60 times do you think you could have the same success with drawing a straight line….uhhhh yes! I digress, anyway I often use the book A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink to provide similar job shift statistics. The book obviously focuses on the importance of cultivating strong right brain connections for our youth and future!

  13. I have watched videos like this before. It is actually quite scary. I think this video and ones like it should egnite teachers to change the way they are teaching.

  14. When I saw that China will soon become the largest English speaking country in the world, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud! Plus the fact that Nintendo invested more money in research and development than the US Gov. did in research and innovation in education, it’s embarrassing that this country undervalues education that much.

  15. I really love this video. I am going to show it in my class to present why it’s important to master math. I will probably show the other video also.

  16. I found the slide show to be very interesting. It is a real eye opener. I didn’t realize how far behind the U.S. is from other countries. The U.S. needs to step it when it comes to educating their youth.

  17. This slide show is a great way to think about how the global environment. I really picked up on how fast the world is changing even with the great technology we have today. The part about preparing people for jobs that don’t exist yet is great. We have to keep up with these trends are we will soon be like our grandparents who have just now discovered email. I seek to emulate the teachers I had in grade school in many ways including their instructional techniques. Now, I realize it will take a more tech focused approach to prepare students adequately. This generation has had computers since they were toddlers.

  18. I have watched this slideshow a couple of times, and also sent the link to a few of my friends. It’s amazing how quickly technology is expanding and how little our government is doing to keep up with the rest of the world. The piece of information in the slideshow that I have reflected on the most is how what you learn becomes outdated within a couple years. I got my undergraduate degree in 2005. We were not required to take even an introduction to computers course. I’m not sure that the undergrad students enrolled today have to take a computer course. Schools and universities need to do more to ensure that the people the award diplomas to are prepared for the real world.

  19. This presentation was very interesting for several reasons. One of the things I found interesting was the vastness of humanity and the relative insignificance of America. We are always taught, whether through school or media, that America is the biggest and best. When I viewed this presentation I was reminded how small the U.S. is compared to counties like China or India. I was also amazed at how many jobs people will have and how many new jobs there are. It is also interesting to see how many new skills will be required to do these jobs and with what new technologies people will need to use. One of the technologies I was most interested in was the amount and importance of social communication in today’s society. The thing that disturbed me the most in the presentation was the comparison of Nintendo’s spending on research and innovation in comparison to the U.S. Federal Government’s spending on research and innovation in education. I believe that there is a major shift going on in today’s society and it is about time for education to make that same shift for the sake of our children.

  20. It’s an exciting time to be involved in educational technology. The statistics are staggering! Four years ago when I bought my teenage son his first cell phone, I was blown away by the number of text messages that first month. I had opted for the 500 text message per month plan, and was shocked when I realized he had sent and received more than 1500! At one time it would have seemed unbelievable to me that there are more text messages sent in the world than the world’s total population, but not today. Students are using technology but it is essential that they develop information literacy skills and are prepared for life in the 21st century economy. The U.S. Government knows this and needs to put its money where its future lies – with our children.

  21. I think this year has been a wake up call for America. We’ve seen incredible things happening around the world while we have kind of been coasting. Spending last summer in Tokyo really put into perspective just how lazy how education system is and also how far behind we are with technology. I think it’s funny that a company like Nintendo spent more money on R&D than the entire US government spent on education. A funny tie in to my latest post about Columbia spending 40% of the government budget on education. If America doesn’t get privy with the times, the times we soon leave us behind.

  22. Shift Happens. This video shows the importance of integrating technology into our lives and into the classrooms. If we don’t get on board with technology, we will be left behind.

  23. This slide show was very interesting. The stat about Myspace being the 11th most populated country seems crazy to me. The main thing I took from this slideshow is that America needs to wake up and start investing some major time and money into technology. We are being left in the dust as far as technology goes. I is absolutely horrific that Nintendo spent more money on research than we did as a country.

  24. I would love to show this video to my Algebra II students. I want to let them know that math with technology will help them acquire skills to compete in this information age.

    Notice how all the data is based on numbers (data collected) to arrive at the facts that tell us the information we need to know about world around us.

  25. This video is amazing and should be shared with educators around the world. New technologies continue to emerge on a daily basis, and as educators we need to keep up with it in order to help our students become more competent in today’s society. We should be seeing more technology in schools around the nation.

  26. This slideshow was very interesting. I like that it breaks down the populations of countries in the beginning. I also found the statistic on China being the number one English speaking country in the world pretty fascinating. This presentation helped me see how important the transmission of information can really be. I liked it very much.

  27. This information did not come too much as a shock to me. Since I have an engineering background, I have been to several seminars and conventions where they have spoken of the exact same things. America is in for a rude awakening technology wise due to the rapid changes in computer science. Everyone should feel that there is a need to stay current on teachnology uses and issues or you will get left behind

  28. I think this presentation reiterates the importance of educators remaining on the cutting edge of technology and their chosen field. This does not mean we should forget the importance of the basics – reading, writing, mathematics, good communication skills, and good people skills. There are some things that all people in all fields need to know. It is interesting that our world is changing so quickly.

  29. I think the Chinese society may value education a bit more than socializing. I think the North American mentality may lean a bit more toward social networking. For example, the explosion of dating networks and myspace! At least both are attaining the knowledge of the internet and technology, maybe just emphasizing different aspects of it.

  30. Wow! Mind boggling information! It is no surprise that America is behind in education. Education has somewhat become an obsolete value in the household. Sadly, a person can get pretty far in this country with very little education. What about that guy that was a teacher for years and it turned out he couldn’t even read!?!? Our priorties in this country are way out of wack.
    I am all for technological growth, but does it have to happen so fast? If the average American can barely keep up then what are the benefits? I don’t know about anyone else, but I personally find it terrifying to think of a machine as being more capable than a human brain. WE are supposed to be the ultimate life form… not a computer. Simpler advances=less problems…

  31. This presentation was really eye-opening. The fact that so many people use things like myspace and google on a daily basis is mind-boggling. Its a little scary to think how dependent we are on technology that didn’t even exist 50 years ago. It makes me wonder where we will be in the next 50 years.

  32. The information provided in this presentation was very interesting and enlightening. I have always considered China a very intelligent and progressive country, always improving and adding on to the world’s knowledge. I wish that we did not have to look at the gain of knowledge and intelligence as a competition, but rather a collaborative attempt. Instead of viewing countries as superior and inferior in terms of power and intelligence, I think we should see the whole human race as one big team working together to reach our highest potential in all aspects of life. It is also very scary to me the thought of computers and machines surpassing human intelligence. Yes, shift is always occurring and I am very curious to see what the future holds.

  33. It really is amazing to think of all the technology we have in the US and know we are not even the top country. It will be amazing to see where China and the US both stand 10 years from now. I can not even imagine

  34. So sad but so true. And China is only really getting started. On a side note, since it appears that their energy model is based on ours, the environment is gonna take quite a hit when they really get going.

  35. While watching the slide show I was in total awe. I did not realize that we as a country was so far behind other countries. It was a total eye opener to know that China will be number one in speaking English when it is secondary language to them.

  36. This was really moving. Yet everyone wonders why we are falling behind. There is a lot available to us, yet is it really enough. Or better yet, do we know how to effecetively use what we already have. Yes size matters. However, sometimes less is more. As a teacher they pile tremedous stuff up and say we must do it, and do it this way or else but, do we know what to do with it. Sometimes the right tools, and the knowledge of how to use it effectily is all it takes. I hope this makes sense. We do need to teach ourselves and others especially our students how to solve problems, instead of piling more on top of the already exisiting. That’s just like in my opinion stacking bandaids on top of one another hoping that the more we stack on the better the wound will be.

  37. WOW…. i had no idea we were tht far behind. I really thought when it came to the technology part of society we wer doing good. I guess we as a whole need to put the most important thing first, like educating our children. I feel that the reason tht other countries are so far ahead of us is that learning and education their children falls number one on their list. The slide show was really interesting.

  38. Our priorities in the U.S. will be our downfall. Education needs to be number one.The other countries are exceeding us in that because we are driven by technology and the newest gadget(toy) to play with. The technology is changing so fast it is almost useless to invest so much into one thing.

  39. I did not realize that the U. S. was so far behind other countries in technological advances and in education. I think that we need to devote more time and energy into education so that we do not fall behind the rest of the world and become dependent on other countries.

  40. I could not believe some of the things that I saw in the presentation. I did not know that the U. S. was so far behind other countries in education and technology. We need to start educating our children so we can keep up with the rest of the worlds technological advances.

  41. I did not realize that the U. S. was so far behind in the technological advances of today. According to the slide show the U. S. needs to focus more on educating our children. We do not want to be left behind with all of the advancements that are taking place and be caught relying on other countries for everything we need.

  42. The numbers are staggering. It is almost too much to take in at once. I think I could watch that video 10 times & still not be able to grasp it fully.

  43. As it mention in the message, technology is expanding like crazy. It is also doing it in other countries than the U.S. The U.S. is behind in the technology world. My biggest fear is that computers will take over everything. For example, some jobs that might be affected would be trade skills like plumbers, electricians. Also, there has even been talk of doctors maybe being replaced by computers to eliminate human error. I really dislike calling for a technical question and the phone call has been sent to India or China. The U.S. needs to do something about outsourcing jobs. Yes it may be cheaper but it is hurting the U.S. economy. In conclusion, I feel there needs to be some kind of control on how much technology comes out in a given year.

  44. The information in this slideshow is shocking. It puts a lot of things into perspective for me that I really did not think about. For example, I really didn’t realize the amount of people who really text or use myspace. I don’t know what to say about the thought of creating supercomputers that will hold more capacity than the human species. Scary stuff.

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