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Another Guest Blogger? Yeah, sorry guys but you’ve got another wet behind the ears yet highly opinionated blogger on your hands. Your previous guest writer happens to be my roommate and my partner in crime when it comes to sports. Since his SEC predictions were so incredibly off, (mine were too), I’ll try to refrain from trying to predict too much about the NCAA Tourney.

This post will just be to help acquaint yourself with me and my style. I’ll give you a little insight on who I am and what I do, but most importantly what I think. Clif will probably cover this stuff in the “about the author” section so I hope I’m not taking too much of his thunder. I’ll leave the juicy stuff for him to share. I am a born and bred Mississippi boy and the third Acy son to go to Mississippi State University. I guess you could say I’m kind of a bulldog fan. A big one. College sports is where it is at for me. And yes, the SEC is the best conference in the nation, period. Comment all you want about how wonderful the ACC is in basketball or how the Big East is great at football, but the SEC is the total package and if you want to argue look at the last two football and basketball championships. Enough said.

Now onto March Madness. Easily my favorite time of year. There is nothing better than days full of nothing but college b-ball. So many teams all playing their hearts out for the same prize. Every year there are big teams, big upsets, and underdogs (we haven’t forgotten you George Mason). When your team makes it to the NCAA, it’s like winning a championship in itself. Making your personal bracket and seeing how well it turns out is a treat and one I wish could be recreated in other sports.

MSU’s loss in the SEC tournament puts us at a disadvantage. Assuming we win first round (against a grossly over ranked Oregon St.) we have to play #1 seed Memphis (also assuming they win their first game). Granted, I think of the bad positions to be in, this is probably the best one. I would much rather be playing the Tigers than the Tarheels, but it obviously isn’t as positive as being a #6 seed and not having to worry about that kind of competition until a little later.

Regardless, I can’t wait for this weekend (even though technically the tournament started today, but who really counts the play in team?). Bring on the brackets!

And thank you all for welcoming me into the fold. I hope not to disappoint.

About the Author
Trevor Acy is another of Clif’s former middle school students. Trevor is now double majoring in business and Japanese and spent last summer studying in Tokyo. He plans to intern for a Design-Build firm this summer and intends to make his way back to Japan professionally after graduating suma cume laude this spring. Mr. Acy enjoys basketball, Unbeatable Banzuke, ballet and politics. Expect more posts from TA as he shares his perspective throughout March Madness and beyond.

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I am a senior at Miss. State Univ, majoring in International Business. I keep up with Sports, Music, and Technology like no one's business.

8 thoughts on “Let the Madness Begin”

  1. Memphis is going to win it all and show everyone just how good Conference USA is.

  2. I’m not necessarily an SEC fan, but no one in their right mind can argue with how outstanding the SEC is in football. Nothing else even comes close to the league’s superior quality. Baseball and women’s basketball is pretty much the same thing, too. That just leaves men’s basketball and the conference is always one of the top 3 conferences. Back to Trevor’s point, overall the SEC is the best conference. I can admit that.

  3. Football: Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, LSU, Arkansas, Alabama, Auburn

    Basketball: Kentucky, Florida, Mississippi State, Tennessee

    Baseball: LSU, Mississippi State

    These teams are consistently at the top in these sports. You can’t argue with the SEC’s dominance.

  4. Dream on. You can’t mean that. The SEC doesn’t hold a candle to the ACC in football, baseball or basketball. SEC is a strong conference, but it still pales in comparison the ACC and Big East. You are all just wannabes compared with these 2.

  5. I wasn’t speaking solely on domination. I know there are other great teams in the nation and I don’t think for a second that the SEC has the best basketball team in the NCAA tournament. I meant only that as a whole I think the SEC is the best conference overall in all sports. The fact that TN or MSU didn’t win the SEC tourney is testament to the fact that you can’t take a single game for granted in the SEC.

  6. Please! The fact that Georgia won the tourney demonstrates just how strong the league is. There are no pansey teams in our conference. You can’t say the same for any of the other conferences.

  7. Of course the SEC is weak this year. The weakest team in the conference won the SEC tournament. How embarrassing?!

  8. Trevor,

    Perhpas the SEC has dominated for the past couple of years, but you have to admit that the conference is pretty weak in basketball this year.

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