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The following request is from a college student and came to me through a couple of friends. She is seeking assistance with her research paper. I’d like to include your input along with my response.

My paper is focused on the Internet being incorporated into the classroom as a resource and the need for high school teachers to be trained on how to use the Internet in their classrooms and how that will benefit students. If you have any information in this area or know anyone else who I could contact that might have information that would be great.

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Clif Mims is a Christian, husband, father, teacher, cancer warrior, and fan of the Mississippi State Bulldogs and Memphis Grizzlies.

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  1. Not wanting to be obvious or anything but I would suggest that she start by looking through your blog and diigo bookmarks, Clif. You do a good job of tagging everything consistently and my guess is that she will find an abundance of resources this way.

  2. Not sure how helpful this will be, but here ya go. I think that most students and teachers know how to “access” the internet. I think that far fewer know how to “use” the internet.

    I think that any training that teachers get needs to be on the uses of the internet as it applies to research, social networking, building contacts and resources, and examples of how it is being used in the world of work. I think that the teachers need to understand how the internet can be used to share information and build up a network of trusted individuals that you can gather information from, chat with, and bounce ideas off of. They need to have an idea of how it’s being used outside of education, what are other industries using the internet for? Once the teachers have a handle on these things then they can start to figure out how to integrate it into their classes and eventually teach what they have learned to their students.

    I also think that teachers and students need to be aware of their own profiles already out there on the web. If I was to Google your name, what would I find? And if I can find it, so can your next roommate, date, employer, grandmother, etc. So factoring that in, what can we do to teach kids the importance of watching not only what they put out there, but what others put out there too.

    Integration into the classroom is difficult. Here in Michigan we have some of the toughest graduation requirements in the state. Between these new requirements, NCLB testing, and the realities of school funding, the teachers already have a full plate. Taking the time to learn and implement new technologies is a tough sell indeed.

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