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Jott has added another useful feature to its list of services. Jott feeds makes it possible for you to “listen to your favorite news & RSS feeds, like those from your favorite blogs, Twitter, Google Calendar, or Facebook, all from your phone.” Like everything else from Jott, this service is very simple to use and it works well.

I see positive potential for this free service to be used in education and by those that have visual impairments, have difficulty reading, spend time commuting, and more. It could also be useful to learners that learn best through audio, to help students “hear” their writing during the editing process, to practice pronunciation and for public speaking as well as many other examples. While this particular service may not make its way into many classrooms it is exciting to know that the technology has arrived and consider the possibilities such tools and services bring to teaching and learning.

I set the service up for this blog. It took about 30 seconds. Would any of you be interested in using it?

Listen to this site on my phone with Jott Feeds

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