Memphis or Tennessee?

Obviously, I’m a die-hard SEC fan. However, I grew up close enough to Memphis that I was always aware of their basketball teams and I’ve always pulled for them. Clearly, these days I have more attachment to Memphis. All that said, here is my prediction.

Memphis 78, Tennessee 71

I think the game is going to come down to 3 things: Tennessee’s defense, Memphis’ free throws, and Rose’s scoring. This is an important game for Memphis. To this point we’ve not seen them play a comparably strong team, so I’ve remained unsure of just how good they are. Rose needs to show up and have another 20+ point game (it’s been a while). And Memphis needs to take much better care of its free throw shooting. On any other floor I’d pick Tennessee because of their suffocating defense. However, the city of Memphis has been abuzz about this game all week and I think the crowd will carry Memphis to victory.

What is your prediction?

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Clif Mims is a Christian, husband, father, teacher, cancer warrior, and fan of the Mississippi State Bulldogs and Memphis Grizzlies.

24 thoughts on “Memphis or Tennessee?”

  1. I am so sad the Tigers lost, but am glad we have gotten a loss before NCAA. I didn’t want to go undefeated into the tournament. I’m just hoping for a Memphis-Tennessee Final Four game, I think we’ll be ready for them next time around!

  2. I wish I would have seen this sooner…but I will add my two cents anyway…
    I really, really wanted Memphis to win, but I think that having a loss under their belts is a good thing. Yes, it puts a damper on the hype, but I think this is good for their stress and their egos. I mean, you saw what happend to the Patriots going into the biggest game with no losses. I’d rather them lose in regular season rather than the tourny. I really think they might go all the way this season and this loss, although disappointing, will turn out to be an okay thing in the long run.

  3. Well I didn’t make a prediction, but I was shocked that memphis didn’t win. I am still shocked the vols beat us!

  4. well this is way late & I have the advantage of watching it right now but I’ve always disliked Calipari since his UMass days so I’ll say for UT & say 77-70. But … I’m a Carolina fan & we are #3 while the 2 Tennessee teams are ahead of us so …I’m pulling for injuries 🙂

  5. Tigers win 91 over Vols 88. I’m not much of a sports fan but I do know this will be a pretty intense game.
    Go Tigers!!!

  6. Sean,

    You make a really good point. I didn’t get to “see” the UAB game, but it sounds like the Tigers really stepped up in the final moments of that game and perhaps that is a demonstration of just how good they are.

  7. Mine is 86-83 Memphis! Memphis has got to make their free throws, but I think the home court advantage will carry them through.

    Being a diehard Alabama fan, I try to root for the SEC, but I grew up in Memphis & was a huge Tiger fan back in the 80’s. This would be a monumental win for the team, the University, and our city. Go Tigers Go!

  8. Soooorrrryyy. not interested in any SEC team ‘cept UK! 🙂 Dontcha luv our blind loyalty?!

  9. After that amazing last-minute comeback vs. UAB, I think the Tigers can do just about anything. I’m expecting a tru-blu victory celebration weekend.

  10. I am hoping the tigers will win. If they play up to their potential, they have the ability to come out on top. Free throws will be a critical factor. GO TIGERS!!!!

  11. Tigers 83-81. Our defense and keeping Joey out of foul trouble will be critical. Offensive keys will be Rose NOT making repeated freshman mistakes; CDR’s ability to drive through their defense to the basket; 3-point brilliance from Antonio Anderson; and free throws when we need them. GO BIG BLUE!!!!!

  12. Like kconger, I have a degree from the UT system hanging in my office and pursuing a Masters degree from the U of M. I will be pulling for UT. I worked at the University of Southern Indiana when Bruce Pearl lead the basketball team to a championship in that division. Memphis does not want to underestimate Bruce Pearl’s coaching ability. He is enthusiastic and can get the players to do anything.

    UT 73, Memphis 72

  13. I pick the Volunteers 78-72 only because I dislike the Tigers more than I dislike the Vols. I’m a Duke fan anyways. A loss by either one of these will help the Bluedevils!

  14. So far only RickW and kconger have picked the Vols. It seems nearly unanimous, though, that this is going to be a close game.

    Let’s see what others have to say…

  15. The million dollar question for me this week…UT or U of M? I have a degree hanging on my wall at home from the University of Tennessee system, but I am employed and also pursuing a Masters degree from U of M. I am a loyal UT fan, but have also enjoyed closely following Tiger sports since moving to Memphis nearly three years ago.

    With that said…here’s my prediction: UT 78, U of M 75

    On the other hand…If the Vols lose…at least I can come back on campus Monday without armed security : )

  16. I predict a Memphis victory. I think to win we will have to score over 80 points, keep Dorsey out of trouble, and stop Mack from shooting everytime he touches the ball…jeeze. I also agree with our coach….we need to secede from TN because we are the stepchild in the State. I just hope the game lives up to its billing. If Memphis loses, so what except for bragging rights. It is the tournament that counts in the end.

  17. Memphis 86, UT 72! Go Tigers!!!! CDR will be the star of the game. RIP Spook Murphy.

  18. hmm, very tough to pick, especially being an in-state game. Rivalries defy predictions as usually it’s the team that comes with the winning attitude that pulls it out, and home court advantages are more muted. I am pulling for Memphis, because I love schools from smaller conferences, but if I had to pick, I think I’m going to have to say:

    TN 78, Memphis 75

    But go Memphis!

  19. I also predict Memphis will win. I think the score will be close, with both teams scoring in the 80 point range. Memphis always needs to watch its free throw percentage. This could really hurt us near the end of the game. And as much as I love Joey Dorsey he is going to need to make sure he doesn’t get in foul trouble early in the game. The Vols are going to be able to keep up with our pace, so this game will be very interesting, but the Tigers will win in the end. But as a True Blue Tiger fan, I’m a little biased!

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