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I received a comment last night on my post, Twitter in Education, that I found interesting. It was from a doctoral student in our program and she was recounting her recent entree into twitter. It is honest and highlights both the excitement and difficulty in becoming comfortable with this networking technology. I liked it so much that I asked her permission to make it a post.


Kristy Conger

In the last 24 hours I have become totally sold on Twitter. I signed up a while back but never really got into using Twitter. The only person who followed me was my friend Mary who sits less than four feet away from me all day at work. Needless to say, all we had to do was look over at one another to see what was going on : ) Then I came across and article that talked about using Twitter in the classroom. The name @newmediajim was mentioned as being someone really neat to follow. Turns out he works for NBC news and covers the president, the White House, etc. His posts to Twitter were really neat to follow. So, I added him and began following his adventures. OK…so here’s where the cool part comes in. He sent me a direct message after seeing what I had written about trying out Twitter again but not knowing if I would be successful at keeping up and posting updates. He encouraged me to post updates, and we started a conversation from there. I’m actually communicating directly with someone who is part of the White House press detail for NBC. He also just sent out a Twitter link the other day for a live web interview that he was doing with Sir Bob Geldof. One of his friends received the link via Twitter and began to watch the video. While watching this live interview, he sent a question via Twitter for Jim to ask while conducting the interview. Sir Bob Geldof was more than happy to respond to the question and addressed the person by name who sent it via Twitter. Now that is Web 2.0 technology at its finest!


I know that Twitter is a hot topic with many of this blog’s readers and I wanted to share a few more related resources.

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  1. This was a great post and I had to read it to my hubby who wonders about the value of twitter (outside us educators). He thought it was pretty neat about the connections. Glad she didn’t give up.

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