New STEM Resources and Games from PBS KIDS GO!

Our kids watch several of these programs and have enjoyed playing these games. All things considered these games are pretty good.

April 23, 2008 – Several new online science and math games are now available from PBS KIDS GO!

PBS KIDS GO!More and more educators are discovering the value of online games, which allow students to practice new skills and educators to quickly assess student understanding. The games and activities below provide teachers and students with fresh approaches to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) that are critical to 21st century learning.

Cyberchase: Math and Sports
Make a connection between math and sports. Explore this newest thematic unit from Cyberchase that encourages kids to see and practice the math concepts used to plan, track, and calculate facts and figures in sporting events. Find classroom activities, view online video and play the new CyberOlympics game.

Dragonfly TV: Nanobots
Learn more about nanotechnology by adjusting the positive and negative charges to guide a nanobot through an obstacle course. Traverse preexisting courses or build your own.

Fetch!: Geyser Surpriser
Discover what is required for a geyser to exist by manipulating three of the elements that make up a geyser. Then, add to your knowledge of geyser trivia while playing a bonus game.

Fetch!: CSI: Squeak Sneak
Use problem-solving and logical reasoning strategies to deduce who stole Ruff’s squeaky toy. Search for clues at the crime scene, analyze and identify the clues in the crime lab and identify the thief by matching clues to suspects.

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