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I’m glad to see Adobe venture into the online realm. There are many, many ways that teachers and students could use this FREE resource. Photoshop Express is a decent first attempt, but I hope that they will put more resources into it and make it the leader in online image applications.

Photoshop Express, the long-awaited free online image editor from Photoshop maker Adobe, [was] released as a public beta [today]. Unlike Adobe’s more powerful image editing tools for the desktop, Photoshop Express is aimed not at the professional photographer, but at the casual snapshot fan looking to polish up images before sharing them online at sites like Photobucket, Facebook and Flickr.

Photoshop Express, which will compete with other free image editors like Picnik and FotoFlexer, is tailored toward the casual user with easy-to-use, one-click editing tools….The service also integrates with a number of photo-sharing websites, enabling you to push and pull photos from Facebook, Photobucket and Picasa, though not, at least for now, Flickr. Adobe tells that support for Flickr in the works, but won’t be available during the initial beta testing phase.

Photoshop Express offers two gigabytes of online storage space and requires Flash Player 9. The interface should be familiar to anyone who’s used Photoshop or Photoshop Elements and offers tools like cropping, red eye correction, sharpening, touchup and more, including a set of advanced effects for changing colors, distorting images and converting photos to black and white.

All editing is non-destructive, meaning you can add and remove changes on a whim using the checkboxes beside each tool, which allow you to easily turn edits and effects on and off.

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