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Saturday was a crazy, crazy day of college football. All the top teams lost clearing the way for LSU to make it into the national championship. – Go SEC!!! I’ve always been impressed with UGA‘s Mark Richt in all the interactions I’ve had with him, in his interviews, the expectations he has of his players, his participation in Facing the Giants (great movie), etc., but he looked like a whiner on Sunday complaining that the Bulldogs should be playing for the championship rather than the Tigers. I strongly prefer UGA over LSU, but come on, you blew it. That’s not to say that the BCS does not need some work because it definitely does.

The U.S.A. won the Davis Cup title over Russia…even with Roddick on the team. Kudos to Patrick McEnroe.

Ravens lost a heart breaker to the Patriots. That leads me to say, “Go Steelers” (I don’t think I’ve EVER said that before)!!! This is going to be one of those unforgettable Monday Night Football memories (Not that I condone acting like this).

Sylvester Croom named the AFCA Region 2 Coach of the Year. He’s also a finalist in Liberty Mutual’s Coach of the Year (Cast your vote, now.). He’s a classy guy and I’m glad he’s being acknowledged.

Brett Favre, a Mississippi native, was named Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year.

Travis Henry won his appeal regarding his 1 year drug suspension in the NFL.

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Clif Mims is a Christian, husband, father, teacher, cancer warrior, and fan of the Mississippi State Bulldogs and Memphis Grizzlies.

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