Suggested Reading for 12/17/2008

The Coming Storm by Chris Lehmann
There are starting to be some stories breaking about what may be the single greatest crisis facing education and our society — college. The recent stories…about the rising cost of college, …scholarships being cut…and the inevitable ramification of the credit crisis on student loans suggest that we are headed to a major crisis of higher education.

Life on the Cutting Edge by Steve Dembo
It’s not unusual when somebody shares a tip with me and then appends it by saying, “But I’m sure you already knew about that already.” I always find that funny because the only reason that I am familiar with so many sites and applications, is because people have learned about them and taken the time to share them! Rarely would I ever be so bold as to say that I was the ‘first’ person to discover something. It’s like we’re playing a giant game telephone, but in a multi-linear fashion.

Now for Some Comic Relief…

The 25 Best Exam Blunders from Times Online
We all have to fail sometimes. But there’s something glorious about failing with style.

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