Suggested Reading for 03/03/2008

I’ve found the following to be interesting reading material. I’d like to write a full post regarding each but I just don’t have the time. Instead, I’ll just mention them and suggest that you take a look at them.

Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss.

Designing Interactions

Top 10 Ed-Tech Stories Still Resonate in 2008 – from eSchool News

Taking the One Laptop Per Child XO Laptop to the Preschool Classroom – Anne provides several strategies that she has used with preschool children.

Carl Dickerson gives the gift of literacy to low-income children – We need more people like this.

What I’d Teach the Teachers – An interesting perspective on effective teaching.

Is Plagiarism a Problem for eLearning?

Take a free course from MIT.

What Do They Need to Know?

Interactive Periodic Table

Does Testing Crush Creativity?

Teacher Dropouts: Why?

NETS-S: First or Second Edition?

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  1. Thanks for the comment. I like the links. I’ll spend some more time going through your posts when I start my vacation.

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