The Impact of Budget Cuts in Education

The following was released by WNDR News of Kannapolis City Schools. I’ve greatly enjoyed the privilege of consulting with KCS for several years.

“North Carolina as well as the rest of the nation are faced with a struggle in keeping the budget balanced. As educators and parents we have a responsibility to our students to see that they receive a learning experience that will prepare them for the 21st century. With more students entering our doors every year it is imperative that we invest in their future, so that they will have one.”

Web 2.0 Technologies for Elementary and Middle School Classrooms

These are the slides for today’s presentation at the NCTIES Conference. Examples of how both teachers and students have used these tools are included. The full set of notes and resources from this session are available on the wiki. Thanks to everyone that attended, participated, tweeted, shared resources and ideas, etc.

Technology’s IMPACT in the Classroom

Mindy Macdonald



Show Notes

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