Tech Buddies: Building Technology Skills through Peer Teaching

Take a look at this innovative practice used at John Barry Elementary School in Meriden, CT.

Explore more of this district’s useful resources.

Art Teacher Honored for Fostering Thinking and Creativity

Amy LangeAmy Lange was named the 2012-2013 Shelby County Schools High School Teacher of the Year. This Millington Central High art teacher inspires her students to be successful in art, as well as their core academic classes” (Source).

I’m enjoying working with Amy as her doctoral advisor and I’m impressed with her abilities to foster creativity. Amy is currently involved in a deep investigation of some of the work from Project Zero at Harvard University (Making Thinking Visible, Artful Thinking, Teaching for Understanding, and the Future of Learning). She and I are beginning to collaborate on the development of teaching materials, professional development workshops, and other resources centered around these ideas. Watch for more about this in the future.

For now, enjoy this video that highlights some of the outstanding work that Amy does to promote thinking, learning, and creativity.

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The Impact of Budget Cuts in Education

The following was released by WNDR News of Kannapolis City Schools. I’ve greatly enjoyed the privilege of consulting with KCS for several years.

“North Carolina as well as the rest of the nation are faced with a struggle in keeping the budget balanced. As educators and parents we have a responsibility to our students to see that they receive a learning experience that will prepare them for the 21st century. With more students entering our doors every year it is imperative that we invest in their future, so that they will have one.”

Welcome to UNCC Friends

Welcome Mat

I’d like to welcome all the students from UNC-Charlotte graduate certificate program that have been friending/connecting with me on Diigo, this blog, Google Friend Connect, Learning Telecollaboratively, and more. I encourage each of you to jump in and become active participants in the educational community as you have a lot that you can share with us.

All the best,