Tech Buddies: Building Technology Skills through Peer Teaching

Take a look at this innovative practice used at John Barry Elementary School in Meriden, CT.

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Magic Johnson: Kids Need Help, Hope, and Support

Email Problems Impacting Responses

I’m currently dealing with technical issues related to my email. Recently two of the office administrators indicated that they hadn’t received information that I’d emailed them. Soon after, I realized that three of my students were not receiving my email replies. I began to investigate with the help of tech support. We tried several troubleshooting measures which I hoped corrected the issues. Then I recently received hundreds of failed email delivery notifications. These failed outgoing messages date back to early May and only just now arrived in my Inbox. I’ve not received a plausible explanation for any of this, but it does seem that my email Outbox is working again. I offer my sincere apologies to those that probably think I’ve been ignoring them. I’ll happily correct this if you’ll bring it to my attention.

Email Failure

ShowMe iPad App: Easily Create Online Video Tutorials

ShowMe makes it possible to easily record interactive lessons on your iPad and share them online. It’s simple and intuitive and is the type of technology that can revolutionize the way we teach, provide support, and individualize instruction. Here is a quick video demonstration.

The following video tutorials are examples of how ShowMe might be used in and out of the classroom. (Note to ShowMe’s staff: It would be helpful to teachers if the tutorials were embeddable.)

Potential Impact
I agree with TechCrunch’s Erick Schonfeld that was is especially exciting about Show Me is that we are getting a “glimpse of how the iPad can completely change the way people learn. Any teacher can simply record their lessons and their students would need nothing more than an iPad to learn. Add some real-time chat and maybe some video, and it is not too difficult to see how this kind of technology can turn the iPad into a classroom.” (Source)

Audio and Video Tutorials Made Simple #aaim2011

I’ve been developing this professional development workshop for the past few months and I am excited about presenting it for the first time today at the AAIM Conference.

Workshop Description
Equip parents to help with homework and enable students to engage with course content inside and outside the classroom with online tutorials. Learn how to easily create audio and video tutorials using free web-based resources.

Workshop Resources
Wiki Page with workshop lesson plan, tutorials, notes, and materials