Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight

All you early birds might want to stay up a little bit later this evening to witness the total lunar eclipse. It will be the last we’ll see until December 2010, so take advantage of this opportunity. This eclipse is expected to last over 3 hours and the Moon will be in totality for about 50 minutes of that time. During that time the moon will change from its usual grayish appearance to an orange/deep red color.

The following illustration of a lunar eclipse is from

The Weather Channel via kwout

More information (including a good video) about lunar eclipses is available here.

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3 thoughts on “Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight”

  1. Yes, it was pretty cool. Especially since I was able to enjoy it with my wife and kids. It was a great opportunity to teach the boys something new (how an eclipse occurs). We even broke out the flashlight and pretended the kids were the moon and the earth!

    May this lunar eclipse bring all negative things to pass, and open up a world of positive energy for all.


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