VECTARY: An Online 3D Modeling Tool

The Vectary motto is: “Grow creators, not consumers.”

Why Vectary?

This virtual makerspace gives students opportunities to engage in creative and critical thinking. They learn how to develop, problem-solve, revise, and persevere through the process of creation. They can even 3D print and see their designs come to life.

Something that makes Vectary stand out from similar tools is its special effects. For example, drawn objects can be texturized to look like photographs; you can even add lighting and shadows. Surfaces can be made reflective, so that as you tilt the object, it shows the reflection of other objects.

Vectary can also be a great collaborative tool. Students are able to work synchronously with one another in the same file and work as a team to produce designs.

What does it cost?

The free version of Vectary is quite limited. Users may only have three projects at a time and their only sharing/exporting option is to create an embedded link. However, Vectory is offering free premium accounts to schools! Click here and scroll waaaay down to the bottom to request an account.

How to use Vectary?

This video from Vectary is a great place to start:

Examples of Vectary

Click here for their online gallery.

Resources for Vectary

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