Grammar Fun #25: Choices, Choices

Key & Peele’s TeachingCenter (A Parody of SportsCenter)



The comedy duo provide a “spot-on parody of SportsCenter’s hyperbole-laden talking heads, busy CGI ticker screens, and obsessive play-by-plays, the clip cleverly reimagines athletes as the educators we entrust our children to every day” (Source).

Inspirational Comedian: “You Can Turn Anything into a Positive”

Drew LynchI enjoy laughing. I love and appreciate good standup comedy. This story and video made me laugh out loud and inspired me, so I had to share it.

“Drew Lynch suffered nerve damage to his vocal chords after a softball accident, which left him struggling with his own speech. Lynch decided to take up comedy instead of feeling sorry for himself and managed to get everyone on their feet with his performance on America’s Got Talent” (Source).

Learn more about Drew Lynch on his website.