Team Darfur

Here’s another potential service project you and your students can consider helping.

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Team Darfur is an international coalition of athletes committed to raising awareness about and bringing an end to the crisis in Darfur, Sudan. Team Darfur was co-founded by Olympic gold medalist speed skater Joey Cheek and UCLA water polo player Brad Greiner. Joey raised over $1 million in 2006 when he announced he would donate his medal bonuses to relief in Darfur, and encouraged other athletes and sponsors to do the same. After seeing the impact this action had Joey wanted to encourage other athletes to use their time in the spotlight to raise awareness about the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. At the same time, Brad realized that if athletes from around the world wore one symbol showing their commitment to Darfur, people from around the world would support them by raising awareness and funds for relief through purchasing that symbol. From these two realizations Team Darfur, and the Team Darfur sweatbands, were born. (Source)

Team Darfur

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