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It was about time I made a page giving everyone a little more information on who I am and what I’m doing writing for Clif. On my first ever post to the site, this is what Clif had to say about me:

About the Author
Trevor Acy is another of Clif’s former middle school students. Trevor is now double majoring in business and Japanese and spent last summer studying in Tokyo. He plans to intern for a Design-Build firm this summer and intends to make his way back to Japan professionally after graduating suma cume laude this spring. Mr. Acy enjoys basketball, Unbeatable Banzuke, ballet and politics. Expect more posts from TA as he shares his perspective throughout March Madness and beyond.

Well, not all that holds up now and I don’t just mean the parts I hope you can discern as his humor. My plans for the summer have changed. I will be in Greenville, SC working for a Site Selection Consulting firm McCallum Sweeney Consulting (of which I am keeping a daily blog). Also, I would hardly say basketball is my favorite sport, more likely I’d make a case for soccer, tennis, and baseball.

Although I got my start on this site as a sports correspondent, I have since made my case (apparently) as coherent enough to become a full time “Contributor.” I don’t know what process Clif went through to deem me worthy of that, but he must not have a very high set of standards.

I am not nearly as integrated as I should be, but you can feel free to follow me on Twitter, check me out on Diigo, or take a look at my posts here on Clif’s Notes.

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I am a senior at Miss. State Univ, majoring in International Business. I keep up with Sports, Music, and Technology like no one's business.

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