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I’ve been developing workshops for the BILD Institute for the past couple of months and I’ve discovered/rediscovered many quality resources about educational reform, instructional design, technology integration, and innovation as well as many new web tools and services. I hope to share much of this with you here on this blog (You can also go ahead and access it on the BILD Institute site.). The first resource I’d like to share is this recently updated version of the Did You Know/Shift Happens video (See previous versions here, here and here.). “This is another official update to the original Shift Happens video. This completely new Fall 2009 version includes facts and stats focusing on the changing media landscape, including convergence and technology, and was developed in partnership with The Economist.” (Source)

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Clif Mims is a Christian, husband, father, teacher, cancer warrior, and fan of the Mississippi State Bulldogs and Memphis Grizzlies.

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  1. I am proficient in technology, mostly because of one of my jobs in the military, but I’ve never had a “passion” for it. The Above comment from Robert Rose does light a small fire under my bum, though. I need to get with it! If I’m not relevant, my class will see me for the eccentric cat lady that I am, and they will lose out on knowledge. There are so many ways to showcase writing and share writing, now, and my students have this unprecedented access to be heard and read by many. I will make a valiant effort to improve my attitude going forward. After all, my Papaw Pavlick graduated from MIT and worked on some of the first computers that the video referenced. It’s in my blood…somewhere.

  2. It’s amazing the rate technology is moving and only growing faster and faster. I attended a conference a few weeks ago where the Editor of Wired Magazine (UK), David Rowan, spoke. One of the things he stated which really struck a cord with me is, “The world will never move this slow again.” New companies are popping up at an unprecedented rate and disappearing almost as quickly. Information is being sent at a moments notice from all over the world. Because of these changes caused by technology, we are no longer going to be able to do things simply because “…it’s the way we’ve always done it.” Those that don’t evolve and reinvent themselves will be left behind because someone new and hungry will find a way to do things better than the way you’re doing them. I don’t think this is something that only businesses need to worry about, educators should also be very mindful of this. Look at organizations like Khan Academy that have already changed the landscape of education and have the potential to do even more. We are no longer bound to our professions due to geographical or even linguistic restrictions. Technology will soon find a way to place teachers from around the globe into our classrooms and convert their native language into English very effectively. We have to innovate the way we educate.

  3. I think it is great how advanced technology has come in such a short amount of time! I believe in about 10 years or so print advertising will not be a thing anymore and all advertising will have shifted digitally. It is easier for people to access at all times because Americans are so mobile these days; everyone is connected to their smart phones at all times.

  4. Really fascinating and amazing how quickly even this information became outdated! Snapchat, Instagram, and Vine (which already is old too!) have changed the game for social media users as well. And Twitter is struggling to find a buyer and grow its numbers while Facebook has become the most powerful news source in the world while denying that it is in fact a news source with Mark Zuckerburg saying, “We are a tech company, not a media company,” he said. “The world needs news companies, but also technology platforms, like what we do, and we take our role in this very seriously.” #Denial

  5. I like how internet and internet technology is advancing so fast. One of the biggest advantage of digital media is less and less use of paper which is environmentally friendly. However the option of old school books and newspaper should always be there. Did not know that so many people had TVs in their bathrooms!

  6. Wow. I was quite amazed at the content within this video. It’s common knowledge that technology is advancing, but this video puts it into perspective. It was sad to see that physical newspapers are in decline. It makes sense, but I fear we will lose the print option altogether. Then again, we may not. I am not opposed to the progress of technology. I hope that I can understand it and use it at its full potential, but I do not wish to let it replace my tangible hard copies, either. I’m just an “old school” lover of real books.

  7. Wow, 2,000,000 TV’s in bathroom’s?!? I bet Nokia isn’t making 13 cellphones/second anymore. Regardless, those numbers are staggering, and I’m sure they’ve only accelerated (except for the Rickrolling – I haven’t gotten Rickrolled in months).

  8. Interesting video, however, after watching it, I’m reminded of a comment a colleague said to me during a faculty admissions committee. He said, “You know Brian K., this admissions process is like sausage. I love to eat it, sometimes daily, but I’m not necessarily interested in how it’s made.” So, in other words, I love reading, watching, and hearing more information about the Web but I would rather stick to just using it than understanding, in depth, how it actually works. I think a surface understanding is totally fine. LOL. However, I will admit that I have enjoyed working the various Google forms. That process has truly opened my eyes as to the possibilities. Nevertheless, thanks for sharing.

  9. As much as I love technology, there is some fear in my opinion as to how far advanced it becomes. Will there be a healthy job market for us as we become older; what about our children? If computers can do just about anything, what will be our role in society?
    I also worry for the kids of this generation who have access to many inappropriate and scary avenues. Even with parental controls and blocking internet seach options, kids have figured out ways of communicating thanks to messaging options in apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and apps disguised as “Calculators” allowing them to text and send pics they may be trying the hide.

  10. Watching this video reminded me that there’s plenty of information out there but the difficulty is finding quality information. I have no idea how to prepare for the future. Even though I am in my mid-20’s, I already fear falling behind. This video also reminds me the importance of preparing our students for the future technological environment.

  11. I have always been concerned regarding how to help students learn to organize and digest this vastly growing quantity of information. I am appreciative that this class has given me some tools. However, I still fear that my students can drown in the amount of information that exists and that will spur further apathy.

  12. I am always amazed to see how much we as a society have been effected by the development of technology. As someone who had been interested in how this affects our communication with each other, I’d be curious to see what a video similar to this might say including those effects, especially with the popularity of emojis currently. I have always been worried about whether this will hurt students’ ability to communicate in person since their online communication is changing so drastically.

  13. Every time I watch one of these Shift Happens videos, I am amazed at how rapidly things have changed. Even in the last 5 years, the numbers referring to social media sites and text messaging, etc have increased. I am not ready for the technology takeover that is becoming increasingly popular. When will this become too much and how are you supposed to adapt to something that changes every 6 months to a year?

  14. If I had sent that many text messages when I was growing up, at $.05 a message, I’d have a very large cell phone bill! It amazes me how technology has changed over time and how the limits are endless.

  15. This video was eye-opening and somewhat scary to consider. It is going to be harder and harder to keep the attention of students when technology is already changing so fast around us! This is definitely a big concern of mine.

  16. This video shows the changes of technology over time. I prefer reading paper books over ones on an ipad or nook but realize that that system is becoming outdated. There are even some books and authors that I enjoy reading that don’t even publish paper copies of their books. As a teacher I realize that this makes teaching a bit harder because our students are accustomed to going home and playing the latest game, watching their favorite tv show, or browsing the internet and we don’t have those tools available in the classroom. Yes, we can make a computer station but in order to make technology available to all students we would have to book time in the computer lab. By the video it seems like technology is readily available except to those that truly need it like within a school.

  17. It absolutely amazes me how our world is changing so quickly. I remember when I was little and only certain people had internet connection at their house and it was dial-up at that. Now, most people have a broadband connection. Most people do not even understand the technology they are using. If someone saves something to the Cloud, they think it really is virtual. The Cloud is a set of computers, and instead of being saved to a thumb drive or a hard drive, it is saved to another computer drive that one is allowed special access to. When I was kindergarten, it was not normal for someone to a have a cell phone, now people act like they could not survive without it.

  18. This updated version is quite impressive and even more interesting. I used the other ShiftHappens video in my 11th grade English class and used is as a topic of discussion for one of our many essays. The responses from students were phenomenal. It really generated great discussion. Ultimately, my students were amazed at the rate of growth of technology. However, they were not impressed that many nations seemed to be progressing quicker than them. Of course, they had a million excuses as to why this is happening, but overall, they really took part in the discussion.

  19. The world is shrinking around us and technology is shrinking as well. What does this mean for students now? Now more than ever we must teach them the most cutting edge technologies, but how is that done when it is difficult for me to keep up with all the change. When I was teaching middle school before this video was made, my students became my teacher. They showed me a lot about social media platforms and how they used them. Kind of nice, free learning:)

  20. Wow! This video was great. It’s definitely amazing how technology has grown. I remember when I was in grade school, I would use hard-back encyclopedias to research topics. My mom had a huge library of books and my siblings and I grew up on paper books. Now, information is so readily available. I can do a quick Google search and instantly I have what I’m looking for. It did take me a while to get accustomed to reading books on electronic devices like iPads, Kindles, and etc. For me, I really enjoy having the paper book in my hand, hearing the sound of he paper as I change the page, how the book ages with time, and just building a physical library of books I’ve read. It’s kind of like trophies. However, now I feel like electronic books can be more budget friendly and easier to carry around so I’m slowly becoming comfortable with that technology. There are definitely some downsides to technology advancing so fast like how social networking (Facebook) and text messaging have become the main forms of communication. I remember in high school my friends and I would three-way call each other. Now, we just send group texts. There are benefits to this shift in technology too, like being able to learn about national news quickly or getting directions instantly from your phone when you are lost.

  21. If this video was made on 2009 year. I am curious about how the numbers have changed today!!
    I am an International Student and using my cell phone I can connect with my country in one second. This morning an earthquake took place in Madrid (Spain). I knew it because my friends were sending texts through WhatsApp and when I contacted my family I knew about the earthquake before my father and my sister knew it. Both live in Madrid. The seism was not too hard and some people even realized it. But don’t you think is amazing how fast news travel from that far away? what is going to be next?

  22. To me, the most powerful aspect of the information and connection that these technologies afford us is the global citizenship. Now, more than ever, we are connecting with people around the world. World politics are no longer just for our leaders, but in the hands of the common folk. I can create an online relationship with a Russian community, if so desired. I can view Chinese news. We are able to recognize ourselves as part of more than our city, state, or even country. We are a part of this world. Phenomena spread across borders, and the internet brings an audience to the performer. Regardless of being made in Korea, Gagnam style swept through America like a broom on wheels.

  23. Talk about a shift! Technology has taken away so much, yet provides us with an abundance of resources. Jobs are affected, especially advertising, manufacturing, and many others. But what would we do without it. We take technology with us everywhere and use it to communicate. We can read a newspaper article online, listen/download music, talk, rent movies, buy pizza, complete homework. Nothing seems to be personalized anymore, even communication among people. Even though technology has its negatives, the positives seem to outweigh them. I liked the statement about 25 years from now and the technology that we carry in our cell phones would be able to fit in an area the size of a red blood cell. That statement is very likely to happen, especially since 1965 and today’s statistics. Great video!

  24. The statement that stood out to me most appeared early in the presentation; “It’s easier than ever to reach a large audience, but harder than ever to really connect with it”. This is so true. I have been able to communicate and collaborate with classmates in real-time using Google tools. Because of technology we are able to network with our peers around the world without ever meeting face-to-face. Technology provides some great opportunities to stay informed, however I wonder if the art of conversation is dying. I have been able to make connections though that would not have been possible because of technology.

  25. One of the many questions I have as an educator is how to keep from drowning in the vast sea of data and technological advances open to the teacher. The explosion of social media is a great case point. I believe myself to be a very social person. I love golf, running, working out, and playing games, but will not do any of these activities without others with which to participate. And yet, I am completely overwhelmed with staying connected to all the online people/groups that bombard me with information. It truly makes me want to shut it all down and go sit outside for a while.

  26. I can attest to the fact that 90% of the 200 billion emails sent each day are spam. Constantly deleting! I remember the first shift video I saw, Shift Happens http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdTOFkhaplo . Even these videos like technology have changed. As the video states, “The computer in your cell phone today is a million times cheaper and a thousand times more powerful and a hundred thousand times smaller” than the computer at MI in 1965….” With that in mind, I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  27. The rapid growth of the Internet and Internet tools has always astounded me. I can remember the first day my mother brought her work computer home, having to run everything through DOS commands, and using that loud router to connect to the internet. Now, I access that same Internet through my phone, computer, and now even wrist devices are available for usage.

    The greatest part of all this convergence, this evolution of technology, is the rate at which information can now be disseminated. If you have followed the “government issues” in the regions of Crimea/Ukraine and Venezuela, you are almost reading those reports as the events unfold. In our lifetime, this increase concerning information mobility is just astounding.

    I’m looking forward to master the tools to integrate all this tech into my own classroom.

  28. I had to pause the video just to have time to read the information on the screen. A great metaphor in action. Very cool to see our President using social media for his campaign. It’s almost scary to think about how fast technology is coming down the pipeline. Without a certain level of persistence, it will be easy to fall behind. I can see the Jetson’s lifestyle coming sooner than later.

  29. I am amazed at the actual figures of technology conversion, as well as technology usage around the world. I know that we are currently in the Y2K era, but the figures blew me away.

    After viewing the video I am concerned about people who work for newspaper companies, printing companies, as well as the people who work behind the scenes in order to broadcast the news, sports and other informative programs. What created this concern is the figures reflecting how many ads were advertised on the web verses newspapers, the number of songs not actually purchased, Wikipedia basically replacing printed encyclopedias, dictionaries etc. The video heightened my awareness of the traditional jobs that may be lost due to the convergence to web advertisement, newscast, etc.

  30. It’s amazing how technology is moving so fast! Especially seeing the figures in real time it makes me wonder what the figures must be now, most probably have increased exponentially within the five years. I remember when a teacher told us fifteen years ago that we will be able to sit within our comfort zone and do video hangout and that felt like “impossible”. Hmmm…. Now I know nothing is impossible with technology!

  31. Riveting! I looked at this data and wondered how much must have changed since 2009. We now have phones and vehicles that can talk back when questions are asked. And no more typing each character because our phones have built in dictionaries, Skype and Google hangout connections, and portable libraries that are accessible in our pockets! What a fascinating world we live in, a word so embedded with technology we’ll soon have the capability of traveling to outer space without ever leaving earth!

  32. Watching this video makes me think of the future predictions made back in the 1950s, in which your entire house automated, and you’d have an army of robots to help, we would be traveling from planet to planet, there would be no more disease on earth, etc. (http://www.dvice.com/archives/2012/03/10_predictions.php). Whilst some of these things have come true, albeit partially, many misstep the mark by a mile. We look at what has been and try and predict what will come. However, I think this also forgets public sentiment. A housewife in the 19050s probably very much wanted a robot to help with everyday chores, but this female identity doesn’t exist, to the extent it did in earlier decades, anymore. I think the trajectory of our future changes as we are people and societies change, and as we adapt to and reject these changes. In 2050, will books cease to exist? Will every child have an e-reader? Will every library be a museum filled with ‘artifacts’ (Look children, back in the 2010s people read stories in ‘books’)?.

    I think as far as technology and education (and learning) is concerned, the way in which we teach (methods and content) will always change as new ideas, concepts, theories about teaching and learning are developed and re-developed. However, the medium can facilitate or detract from this teaching and learning. Sometimes, I think, we become so enamored by the technology we forget it’s the vehicle and not the journey.

  33. Lengthy yet very interesting. At the rate new social media apps come and go I am sure the numbers are even more astounding. I knew newspaper sales had declined but no idea to what extent. I love books and though I have a Kindle Fire it doesn’t replace the feel of pages. I am dreading with paper printed information becomes obsolete.

  34. Wow that was really interesting! It’s crazy how fast technology is advancing and I don’t even realize it. I’m so used to it, it’s hard to believe that things like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter didn’t exist ten years ago. I wonder what advances will be made in the next five to ten years. I’m not sure I can really even imagine what things will be like twenty-five years from now!

  35. What a great summary of the way technology has taken off!! It is bittersweet in my opinion. There are so many positives but it’s sad to see fewer newspapers in the driveways and magazines on the stands etc. That being said, far more people are connecting and finding ways to be (easily) informed when they otherwise might not have been. Look at the role technology played in finding the Boston Marathon bombing suspects; a positive. But then just yesterday, the hit the stock market took as a result of a false tweet sent out regarding an attack on the White House (http://buzz.money.cnn.com/tag/hacking/); a negative. A lot of power in our modern technology. I am curious to see the evolution by 2020.

  36. It is amazing how far along technology has come. I know it will advance even more in years to come. It is kind of sad though to realize someone can be so into their gadgets. I rarely make phone calls. I mainly use text messages. I always wonder what it will get to in the near future. It is exciting to know we will be able to do so much with technology. Something so little (a cell phone) is so helpful in today’s world. I feel lost without my phone around.

  37. I love informational videos!
    I first watched one in a reading class during my undergrad. My mouth dropped to the floor. I am excited to see what 2020 has to offer for us. Only 7 years away….

    We (teachers especially) need to be on board when it comes to using technology in the classroom. We need to get on the bus or get off the bus, but whatever we do, please do not get in the way of the bus.

  38. That is amazing. Technology is literally advancing daily. The world of technology has made tremendous progress since five years ago, and tomorrow, something new will emerge. Facinating and incredible.

  39. Amazing information. I can honestly see that in 20 years we will only have temporary school buildings for elementary and secondary education. Maybe students coming in a couple of times a week to take a test. I can see the need for textbooks going the way of the calculator or abacus. What need will we actually have for teachers, who can sometimes be wrong, when we can get the absolute correct information on a phone in half the time. Maps, Newspapers, Phone Books, Magazines, all printed materials are virtually useless other than to keep an original copy in case the net goes down. Reminds me of a movie about a time traveler that goes to a library in the future that has no books, just a holographic attendant that shows you whatever you want to see or know.

  40. Watching this reminded me of another Did You Know Video I have seen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmwwrGV_aiE This video added to the one Did You Know Video that I have seen and left out about how jobs that have not even been though off will be around 5, 10, 15 years down the road.

    Technology is changing at such a fast rate we can not keep up with everything that is being disseminated from the technology companies.

  41. The video echoed the reason why my major is IDT. I have anatural love of technology and have spent countless hours changing the design of my personal computers and taking televisions apart. I spent my son’s 15th birthday building custom gamong computers with him. This was our bond in technoogy. I enjoyed the video and hope to develop a variety of learning tools in my new job as Fianacial Literacy Coordinator. I have the task of rewriting the chapter on Financail Literacy in the Freshman Year Experience textbook and using D2Learn for the assessments and resources.

  42. Back in Web 1.0 days, my students’ researched to create a timeline of technology invented during their lifetime. The goal was to encourage reflection on the fast pace of technology innovation and thereby recognize success comes to those who seek to learn, innovate and change. Web 2.0 reinforces this goal as the pace of change is approaching “warp speed!”

  43. Since I have a teenager I actually knew the amount of text one can send in a month! Thank goodness for texting plans. I completely understand too the task of trying to keep up with the ever changing technology in the field of education. One of my tasks at school as the school library media specialist is to provide professional development in the area of educational technology to teachers. What I suggest as a resource for them to use with their kids I always share with a word of caution: don’t get to used to it or rely on it because it may not be here tomorrow and it may also no longer be FREE!

  44. I recently got to tour the supercomputers at Oak Ridge National Lab. These computers take up rooms the size of several basketball courts. The part of this video that cited the computing power that used to fit in a building now fits into a pocket really put into perspective how powerful those supercomputers must be.

  45. That video was really eye opening. I knew the information like newpaprer sales were down and the phone was a more powerful computer than computers just a few years ago, but when I saw the numbers on a world wide scale and the effects that tehcnology had like in the Governmental Elections mentioned, I was just kind of shocked how serious people take the information presented to the digitally. Which I shouldn’t be surpirsed, because as it said, there are more and more news sites taking to the eNews platform than written news now. I use my phone for so much now that I dont even use my computer unless I have to. Just a few weeks ago I saw that Google reported designs of Google Glasses which will show you phone on an eye piece and will interact with your eye movement. It is almost unbelievable how fast we have come so far and yet I cant wait to see what we come up with in the next few year.

  46. I love these types of informational videos (especially when they site their references)!!! Fast paced and peppy music, it’s learning and having fun at the same time. 🙂

    I can’t say that I knew all the statistics presented, but with my background in Computer Science (Programming and Computer Networking), I can definitely agree with the some of the developer’s future predictions. That was one of the things that attracted me to teaching as a career. In the future, I’ve always imagined a room filled with children wearing VR goggles exploring the universe; travelling to the deepest parts of the ocean or even to another planet; all with interactivity and a mix or VR and HD imagines. Personal exploration and learning abound.

  47. WOW! I think that the fast pace of the music and slide transitions really added to the gut perception that this is a super fast paced world.

    My favorite point was that what used to consume a building will now fit in a pocket and 20 years from now will fit in a blood cell.

    The most sobering point was at the beginning where it said how extremely easy it is to superficially reach incredible amounts of people, but increasing difficult to really connect with those people.


  48. I’ve always known how fast digital times are changing, but wow! That was a great video! Looking at the actual growth facts really shed light on just how often we use digital devices, social networking, and so forth. Web 2.0 really is revolutionalizing the ways of the digital age!

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