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Several of you are new Mac users and have asked me to suggest software that can be used on the Mac operating system. Here are some of my favorites followed by resources that I strongly recommend you look through.

Firefox browser – Safari is a nice browser and has its strengths, but I greatly value the ability to customize and extend Firefox through the use of downloadable extensions, add-ons, themes, etc.

Adium – Use all of you different instant messaging services (AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, and more…except Skype) in tool.

Skype – Free video conferencing. Oovoo is good, too.

Tweetdeck – I appreciate being able to use multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook all in one place. It’s also helpful that it syncs with iPhone.

Skitch – Fast and fun image editing and sharing.

Comic Life – Software for creating and sharing comics and artwork.

Cyberduck – Nice software for those that FTP.

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  1. Thanks for giving such a informative weblog. Your blog was not just knowledgeable but also very creative too. We find very few professionals who can create technical articles that creatively. All of us keep looking for information on a subject like this. I Myself searched through dozens of websites to find knowledge with regard to this.We look forward to much more !!

  2. Thanks there’s a lot of great information here. I agree about Tweetdeck, it’s made Twittering easier. Have you tried Seesmic?

  3. OK, I know I already commented here once but had to come back! We started using Skype! So Amazing! So far I’ve just been reconnecting with family. But I’m working it into the classroom as well. We work with about 13 different feeder high schools so we are looking at ways to do “live shots” with them for our newscasts! So fun.
    BTW, did you get my emails? Not sure they’re going through.
    Anyway, so glad you added Skype to this list. Great tool 🙂

  4. These are all great suggestions!! I am a relatively newish Mac user and am completely addicted! One other software that I can’t live without it Picasa. It is a fantastic FREE photo sorting, editing, sharing software and is really amazing. There is now also a Mac version. Love love love it!
    Had to share,

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