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Let’s Start Building – #idt7060

I’m excited to begin teaching Technology to Support Learning (#idt7060) today. We will explore learning theory, graphic design, instructional design and educational technologies and their impact on teaching and learning. I realize that some or all of the content in this particular course is going to be new to most of you as this course is designed to (ideally) be taken during your first semester in the UM IDT Program. While some have previous experience in and knowledge of learning theory, graphic design, instructional design or instructional technologies most do not have experience in all of these areas. With that in mind I think it is important that we lay a solid foundation of understanding in these areas on which you can build throughout this course, all your studies in IDT, and beyond.

I look forward to learning with you this semester.

Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dhamma-aloka/4542814493

I’m Digging the Google Docs Redesign

I’ve been working a lot with Google’s many, many services the past several weeks in conjunction with various professional development workshops that I have/will be facilitating. In doing so, I’ve become a big fan of their products. I’ve especially been struck by their tools’ ease of use, deep integration among tools and services, and Google’s commitment to openness. I’m going to be saving a lot of money on software in the future as I migrate away from some of the expensive software giants that I’ve used for a long time and in lieu of Google’s free and similar/superior offerings.

In the past few days I’ve noticed that the new Google toolbar (the dark box across the top) has pretty much gone live across all the Google services I use. Google has never been known for their graphic design prowess, but I’d say the update is an improvement. I especially dig the redesign of the Google Docs interface.

Developing Better Presentations

If you’ve been reading this blog long you’ve likely noticed that I have an interest in designing and developing more effective presentations. Nancy Duarte shares some useful advice from her book Slide:ology.


I found this to be full of useful tips and strategies. Which of the many suggestions offered resonates the most with you? Please share your text/audio/video reply in the Comments section of this post.

Additional Resources

Here are a few more resources to help you more effectively design your presentations.