Happy Halloween

An Especially Beautiful Version of Pharrell Williams’ Video, Happy

World Down Syndrome DayHere’s another remake of Pharrell William’s video, Happy. This one is especially beautiful as it’s a celebration of World Down Syndrome Day (March 21st). Lance Ulanoff, aptly describes the experience of watching this video.

“Watching people dance to almost any song is usually a happy experience. Watching those living with Down syndrome dance to the snappy beats of Pharrell’s soon-to-be-played-out “Happy” is something approaching joy” (Source).

A Note about Mom

Happy Mother’s Day.


3 Years Old

Today marks the 3rd blogiversary of Clif’s Notes. I am grateful to each of you with whom I’ve connected as a result of this online adventure. You’ve been a blessing to me personally and professionally.

I’m much busier this year and unable to do anything as creative as I did for last year’s celebration. Instead, here are a few of the most visited blog posts from the past 3 years.

3rd Blogiversary
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