EdTech Showcase in Memphis

Join us on Thursday, June 18th, for the EdTech Summer Showcase at the University of Memphis. This event will be hosted by the Instructional Design and Technology Program and will feature outstanding Mid-South teachers demonstrating ways that they effectively integrate technology and learning. You won’t want to miss this fantastic opportunity to gain new ideas for your classroom.

Register soon as seating is limited.

2015 EdTech Showcase

Managing Online Identities: Tips for Teachers, Students, and Parents – for #isummitconf

Keeping up with the state of technology is not easy. New social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and Pinterest continue to emerge and users sign-up and setup profiles without considering the full ramifications of sharing personal information. Practical tips for helping you and your students thoughtfully setup and maintain your online identities will be shared.

Below are my slides from this workshop that I’m sharing today at iSummit in Atlanta, GA. All the workshop materials and resources are available on my wiki, Learning Telecollaboratively.

Collaborative Diagrams, Concept Maps, Site Maps, and More

Thanks to Cindy Brock, I learned about an interesting web tool today. Cacoo‘s website states that it “is an online drawing tool that makes real-time collaboration a reality,” but I found this to be an incomplete description of its many capabilities.

Here are some of the features that I noticed while becoming familiar with Cacoo.

  • Multiple users editing the same diagram means real-time collaboration.
  • Cacoo allows you to share diagrams with everyone.
  • Shared diagrams can be edited by anyone.
  • Create wireframes, mind maps, network diagrams, site maps, and many other types of drawings using “stencils” that you drag and drop into place.
  • Cacoo can be pasted into a variety of web applications, such as Wiki and Blog.
  • Promotes collaboration through “diagrams” with flexibility, quickness, and beauty.
  • Currently available in 13 languages.

View the full list of features.

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