Tech Buddies: Building Technology Skills through Peer Teaching

Take a look at this innovative practice used at John Barry Elementary School in Meriden, CT.

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Google Friend Connect

I encourage you to join our professional learning network (PLN) via Google Friend Connect so that we can all engage in more active and collaborative ways. I hope you’ll join our educational community (click on the button below) and let’s have fun learning together. Please feel free to invite other educators, preservice teachers, homeschool families, and anyone with an interest in education and technology, too.

Our Family’s Favorite App

I decided to share AudioBoo during my presentation at TeacheMeet Memphis. Our kids and I have a lot of fun with this service. AudioBoo makes podcasting and audio blogging a snap and can positively impact your classroom (See previous posts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5). Here are my notes as well as the Ustream archive from my session. My full presentation notes are also available on my wiki, Learning Telecollaboratively.

Publishing to AudioBoo from a Web Browser
Creating an AudioBoo from iPhone

Teacher-Created Examples
2 Announcements
AudioBoo in the Classroom
More Examples

Student-Created Examples

First Day of Preschool

Kids Get Creative

Dear Mrs. Estep…

Let’s Connect
Clif’s AudioBoo Profile

TribeCamp Memphis Is This Saturday

“TribeCamp is an unconference dedicated to tribes in the tech community from social media to development to programming to design, and how we can build relationships to build knowledge, skills and success.” (Source)

Saturday, April 24, 2010
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering

TribeCamp Memphis

Highlights from BarCamp Memphis

[NOTE: This post will be updated throught the event.]

Here are some of my notes and photos from BarCamp Memphis.

Google Wave: What It Is and What It’s for
By: Greg Dunn and Thom Rigsby

Designer vs. Developer
By: Steven Trotter, Joseph Yancey and Craig McCoy

PowerPoint Karaoke
This is an interesting activity. Here are the rules.

  1. No prior knowledge of slides
  2. Must pretend this is actually your deck
  3. 20 seconds each (4 mins)
  4. Look for the (stop symbol)
  5. Audience encouraged to to heckle
  6. Vote determines winner
  7. Have fun

Prosper during a Digital Age Recession
By: Ryan Hinricher

Show and Tell Tools
By: Everyone

Event Tag: bcmem

Great Opportunity to Learn More: BarCamp Memphis

BarCamp Memphis isn’t just a Web 2.0 conference. It’s an unconference. What does that mean, exactly? That’s up to you. The first half of the day will feature predetermined, scheduled sessions like any other conference you’d attend, but in the afternoon the topic curating is turned over to you. Throughout the morning, you’ll vote on what you’d like to discuss or learn more about in the afternoon sessions so that BarCamp is hand-crafted to meet the needs of the community. The afternoon sessions might be panels or Q-and-A with specific BarCampers, or they might be roundtable discussions — Core Conversations, as we call them — with groups of Campers looking to bounce ideas and learn from others’ experiences.” (Source)

I enjoyed SocialCamp Memphis back in March (Here are the resources from one of my presentations at that event.) and I’m looking forward to BarCamp Memphis. Please come join us.

Event Tag: #bcmem

Ning for Teacher Educators

Technology Integration Teacher Educators is a network of teacher educators with an interest in educational technology. It is a growing network with some big plans. I encourage you to join if this sounds like a useful resource for you.